Journal History

“Zaporozhye Medical Journal” is a multidisciplinary publication. It comprises high quality reviews aimed at scientist, doctors and medical students.   

Its key aims are to provide interpretations of growing points in medicine by trusted experts in the field, and to assist practitioners in incorporating not just evidence but new conceptual ways of thinking into their practice.

“Zaporozhye Medical Journal” publishes articles on a wide range of subjects.

“Zaporozhye Medical Journal” has been published by the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University since 1999.

The journal publishes editorial articles, original papers, reviews,  and book reviews of general interest in medicine. “Zaporozhye Medical Journal” also publishes abstracts presented at biomedical scientific congresses, general guidelines, and therapeutic and diagnostic procedures recommended by prominent advisory boards.

“Zaporozhye Medical Journal” has been included in National Library database.