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Today, nanotechnology has become one of the strategic directions of economic development of the leading countries. According to literary sources, it is established that more than 50 countries of the world are adopting national programs in this field of new knowledge, and various methods of nanotechnology have received the greatest development and application in microelectronics, aerospace, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It should be noted, that beauty is the most represented products with the use of nanotechnologies in the world. On the evaluation of the European Commission in 2009, the specific weight of cosmetics with nanoparticles amounted to 5%.

The aim of the work was to assess the current trends of the market nanocosmetic photoprotectors development. In the last years in Ukraine the market of cosmetics is developing dynamically. Manufacturers of medical cosmetics invest heavily in scientific researches, patents, improvement of existing technologies. To determine the status of the security of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, we have analyzed the volume of sales and range of medical cosmetics, presented at the domestic market. In terms of sales volume in money terms of therapeutic cosmetics every year loses its position. Thus, the volume of sales in 2011, has decreased on 1,1 % in comparison with 2009. In Ukraine cosmetics of native production occupies 8% of the total volume of sales, cosmetics of foreign production - 92%. At the next stage of the research we have analyzed the medical cosmetic means, which are used for the prevention of photo-aging of the skin. In General, the Ukrainian market of medicinal cosmetics contains 125 trademarks of foreign and native manufacture. The largest share in the market of Ukraine belongs to the French medical cosmetics - 48,6 % of the total number of medical cosmetic means. It is represented by the various lines of medical cosmetics brands such: Vichy, Avene, RoC, Uriage, La Roche-Posay, Ducray, Lireac, Ozon, Galenic, Klorane, etc. Therapeutic cosmetics from Germany occupies 14,2 %, and the main trademarks are: Annemarie Borlind, KOKO GmbH&Co KG, Sebamed, Medopharm and WT - MethodeWewering&ThimbachGmgH. 11,6 % - the medical cosmetic means of the Italian trademarks: Nature’s, GUAM, Termedi Chianciano, Cosmeciaromatica and Clinians. Other foreign manufacturers account for a small share of the total number of medical cosmetics for the prevention of photo-aging of the skin: Slovenia (Vitaskin) - 5,7%; Poland (Farmona, Dr. Irena Eris; Natur Produkt Pharma) - 5,6%; Russian Federation (Sun Energy) - 3,7 %, and the USA (Johnson & Johnson), - 2.9 %, of Israel (Fresh Look) - 2,8%, Spain (Pro - Medic) - 2,8%; the United Kingdom (Boots Healthcare International) - 2,1%. It should be noted that the share of the native manufacturer is just 9% of the total number of medical cosmetics, which are used for the prevention of photo-aging of the skin. Nanotechnology is one of the most investment-heavy and high development directions of the state policy of the leading world countries and countries with economies in transition. Medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry in total occupies the third place in terms of investment in the world. It is established, that in Ukraine cosmetics native production occupies 8% of the total volume of sales, cosmetics foreign production - 92%. This fact confirms the considerable dependence of the native market of cosmetics of import.

Key words: nanotechnology, parapharmaceutics, photo-aging of the skin, the pharmaceutical market.

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Yu. V. Korzh, Zaporozhye State Medical University

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