The possibilities of statins in the prevention of chronic diffuse kidney disease progressing


  • V. V. Syvolap
  • M. P. Gerasko



Dyslipidemia, Glomerular Filtration, Kidney Disease, Therapy


Aim. To summarize the evidence from recent randomized clinical trials on the efficacy of statin therapy of chronic diffuse kidney disease.

Methods and results. The prospects of using statins in the prevention and treatment of chronic diffuse kidney diseases are considered in this review. The results of the international multicentric  randomized trials of the comparative efficiency of various preparations belonging to the given class were shown; their pleuotropic effects, utmost safety and tolerance, the advantages of some particular representatives in the given class preparations in patients with kidney pathology were revealed.

Conclusion. The review supports the use of statins in patients with chronic diffuse kidney disease.


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