Chemotherapy and quality of life among patients with multiple myeloma: a 3-year prospective study


  • B. B. Samura Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, HZaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital,



Quality Of Life, Multiple Myeloma, Survival, Prognosis


Aim. Little is known about change in quality of life among multiple myeloma survivors. We examined quality of life to assess demographic, psychosocial, and clinical risk factors for poor outcomes depending on appearance of cardiovascular events among long-term survivors of multiple myeloma.

Methods: Surveys were given to multiple myeloma survivors on average who participated in the study after reaching regression and were monitored during 3 years. 116 patients were invited to complete the 36-item Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) and the Quality of Life-Cancer Survivors questionnaire (QOL-CS), and 107 patients (92.4%) responded. Standardized measures of quality of life, perceptions of the impact of myeloma, symptoms, and demographic variables were examined using linear regression modeling to identify predictors of quality of life over time.

Results: During observation period progression of multiple myeloma was proved in 41 patients, 6 persons were excluded for poor follow-up. One hundred ninety three cumulative clinical events occurred in 37 patients (53.6%) within the follow-up, with their distribution being as follows:14 cardiovascular deaths, 90 cardiac arrhythmias, 13 cardiac ischemic events, 6 strokes, 21 chronic heart failures and 49 hospital admissions for cardiovascular reasons. 28 deaths were not related with cardiovascular pathology. Patients who had cardiovascular events reported significantly worse psychological well-being, general health, less vitality and health-related quality of life than patients without cardiovascular events. Chemotherapy was associated with quality of life outcomes. Patients who were not diagnosed cardiovascular events reported better social well-being than patients who were diagnosed cardiovascular events.

Conclusion: The general health perceptions and vitality levels of multiple myeloma survivors depend on passed courses of chemotherapy, appearance of cardiovascular events during 3 years.


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