Characteristics of the Emotional and Behavioral Reactions of Rats under Chronic Stress Immobilization During Treatment with 5-R-thio-tetrazol [1,5-c] quinazoline Derivatives


  • О. Y. Tozyuk



chronic immobilization stress, derivative of 5-R-thio-tetrazol [1, 5-c] quinazoline, emotional and behavioral responses


Hypokinesia can reduce physical performance and impair human health, which is evident by significant morphofunctional changes in the body. To correct these abnormalities and prevent their occurrence actoprotectors are used in hospitals. In previous studies [Stepanyuk G.I, 2012] we found that 5-R-thio-tetrazol [1,5-c] quinasoline derivatives quite clearly improved physical performance of rats according to swimming test. In terms of actoprotective activity compound-leader КВ-28 (sodium 2-( tetrazol [1,5] quinazolin -5- ylthio)acetate) for certain predominated over reference compound bemityl.

WORK OBJECTIVE. To describe the influence of course administration of sodium 2-( tetrazol [1,5] quinazolin -5- ylthio) acetate in comparison with bemityl  on the behavioral reactions of rats under 18-day hypokinesia.

RESEARCH MATERIALS AND METHODS. Chronic stress immobilization was modeled by keeping rats in small wooden cases for 16 hours / day for 18 days. Animals were divided into 4 groups of 6 animals in each: I - intact animals, II - rats stressed with hypokinesia without correction (control), III and IV - hypokinetic rats who one-time within 18 days take daily intraperitoneally КВ -28 (1,7 mg/kg) and bemityl (32 mg/kg) at doses equal to their ED50 according to swimming test. Orientative-searching and emotional activity were assessed by neuroethological "open field" test [Buresh, 1991] on the 4th, 12th and 18th day of experiment, that accordingly characterize the stage of anxiety, resistance and exhaustion of general adaptation syndrome [Stefanov, 2001]. To analyze the behavior the following neurophysiological indices were used: horizontal motor activity (number of the crossed squares), vertical activity (number of racks), number of examined holes and autonomic balance: number of washings (grooming) and defecation acts (number of boluses and urinations). Duration of observation was 3 min.

RESULTS AND THEIR DISCUSSION. In the course of the experiment a negative correlation of orientative-exploratory activity and autonomic balance indices were revealed in rats of the control group, indicating the inhibition of searching activity and high level of animals’ anxiety as a result of the negative effect of stress factors on them. Daily administration of compound КВ-28, as well as bemityl to rats with chronic hypokinesia contributed to the increased locomotor and searching activity and normalization of autonomic balance indices in animals compared with the control group. Received data can show indications of psycho-emotional stress reduction in animals that was most clearly evident on the 4th and 12th day of the experiment when administering КВ-28 and on the 4th day - when applying bemityl.

Thus, the results of the study give reason to expect that antistress action is inherent to sodium 2 - (tetrazol [1,5-c] quinazolin-5-ylthio) acetate (1,7 mg / kg / intraperitoneally) as well as to bemityl (32 mg / kg  / intraperitoneally).

CONCLUSIONS. Chronic stress immobilization causes reduction of motor activity and exploratory behavior of rats in the “open field” test. Course administration of sodium 2-(tetrazol [1,5] quinazolin -5- ylthio) acetate (1,7 mg / kg / intraperitoneally), as well as bemityl (32 mg / kg  / intraperitoneally) to rats with chronic hypokinesia, contributes to the restoration of indices of emotional and behavioral reactions of animals in the given experimental conditions. The highest antistress effect of compound КВ-28 occurred on the 4th and 12th day of the experiment.


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