Gastric schwannoma (a case report)




stomach, immunohistochemistry



The article describes a clinical case of a rare benign tumor of the stomach – schwannoma.

A patient was hospitalized for surgical treatment of cholelithiasis, but a tumor-like mass in the stomach was found intraoperatively. The surgery was stopped for meticulous examination of the patient. After further examination, radical treatment was performed - pylorus-preserving stomach resection. Histological examination did not reveal sufficient findings regarding the tumor structure, which required immunohistochemical diagnostics with the following results: the tumor cells showed positive staining for vimentin, protein S-100 and SOX-10, weak positive for CD34, but no staining for desmin, smooth muscle actin, CD117/c-kit, Dog1, pan-cytokeratin. The identified immunophenotype was indicative of gastrointestinal schwannoma.


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