Synthesis, physical-chemical and biological properties of 1.8-disubstituted of theobromine. V. 8-Benzylidenhydrazino-1-p-methylbenzyltheobromines


  • D. G. Ivanchenko Zaporizhzhia State Medical University,



Xanthine, Organic Synthesis, NMR-spectroscopy, Acute Toxicity, Antioxidant Effect


The problem of searching biologically active compounds amidst xanthine derivatives is a crucial one and is an issue for long-term investigation.

Aim. In order to find new biologically active compounds among xanthine derivatives, undescribed earlier 8-benzylidenhydrazino-1-p-methylbenzyltheobromines have been synthesized.

Methods and results. Reaction of 1-p-methylbenzyl-8-bromoxanthine with the excess of hydrazine hydrate in the aqueous dioxane is implemented through formation of 8-hydrazine-1(4-methylbenzyl)theobromine. Through the interaction of 8-hydrazinetheobromine with aldehydes in aqueous propan-2-ol respective 8-benzylidenhydrazino-1-p-methylbenzyltheobromines have been obtained. Structure of synthesized compounds has been definitely proved by NMR-spectroscopy.

Conclusions. Molecular and pharmacological descriptors of obtained substances have been calculated. The antioxidant activity of the obtained compounds has been explored. Priorities for further search of biologically active compounds in a range of xanthine derivatives have been set out. 


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